Before placing your trust in a surgeon

read their curriculum vitae carefully

Be wary of those who want to do a surgical

operation in a doctor's office

Surgery is not the same

as a visit to the hairdressers

“Be wary of those who advise you to have

a surgical operation that you haven't requested”

Be wary of those who have various

medical practices in different cities.

If they had enough work

they would not need so many offices.”

The procedure

Breast Unit

Plastic Surgery includes two large branches - cosmetic surgery and reconstruction surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is carried out on patients who are not affected by any physical disorders, but to improve their physical aspect and increase their self-esteem. Reconstruction surgery is carried out on patients who are affected by physical disorders resulting from congenital malformations or acquired deformities (traumas, cancer). Reconstruction surgery is generally carried out to improve the functioning of the body, trying, at the same time, to restore a morphology as similar as possible to normality.

The medical procedures are those procedures which are carried out, not in substitution of the surgery, but as complementary to it. They are outpatient procedures. They are defined as auxilliary procedures, as a support, involving measures to prevent tissue ageing, or to remedy conditions that are not of a surgical nature. Cosmetic Surgery has the same objectives and purpose as Plastic Surgery, which is the rebuilding of the patient's mental equilibrium in order to improve their physical aspect and increase their self-esteem”.

The Breast Unit is an innovative national health service model for breast disorders based on a close cooperation among specialists coming from different disciplines who make up the medical team. The aim of this approach is to obtain the best results in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment and allowing for scientific research to be rapidly tranferred to clinical practice. The keystone of this model is the multi-disciplinary consultation in managing cancer surgery cases - before, during and after the operation.